Many bootstrapped start ups and small businesses think marketing to be superfluous.
Oftentimes though, marketing is what will generate badly needed income to sustain the business. Yet full time hires are expensive, and freelancers and agencies are often good for ad hoc projects, but don't put in place organisational frameworks that can be sustainable.

We're the solution to that problem.

We offer marketing strategy and implementation services at a fraction of the cost of full time hires, and help start ups and small businesses scale. We act as your marketing department until you have the funding to make that full time hire or partner with a bigger agency. Rather than project provider, we're a partner for your business.

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Content Marketing & SEO

Long-term, content-led search engine optimisation strategies, including off-page link building and schema codes as well as content strategies that ladder up to more robust SEO performance.

social media

We have an end-to-end knowledge of how to use social to achieve your objectives in concert with your other marketing channels. Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, send quality traffic to your website, generate leads or drive sales, we tailor our process to meet your needs.

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Paid Advertising

We create, implement and manage search, display and remarketing campaigns across Google, Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and offer full monthly reports of the metrics that matter most to you.

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Analytics & CRO

Having a great social and digital presence is all well and good, but what does it actually cost, and what do you get out of it? We build attribution and customer journey funnels to monitor website visitor behaviour that can then inform your overall digital marketing strategy.

Organisation and Infrastructure

Most freelancers or agencies come in and do a project, but don’t truly partner with the business they’re working with. We are a true partner, working with you to identify and put in place organisational frameworks and workflows that can easily be picked up by a full time or part time hire, or larger agency, once the time comes for those decisions.

UX Design, Websites and Apps

To stay competitive, businesses not only need to use the best technology, but use that technology to create experiences that engaging and easy to use. We live, eat and breathe all things digital, so we can help you with all your digital needs, from UX to website design to app development.


Your brand needs to be more than a logo and a name. It should be built on your vision, values and brand promises. We pull that out and bring it to life so you can connect with customers in a meaningful way. We offer brand development, design and experience strategy services to help.

Video and Visual Production

If a picture says a thousand words, imagine what a video can do. We offer end to end strategic planning, audience profiling, content creation, and activation strategy for your video and visual needs.


We have all the experience and expertise of a big agency, at a fraction of the cost
Neglecting marketing altogether stifles a business’s growth, leaving it less revenue to collect and forcing it into an even more restrictive budget.*

Something with Words employs one person full-time: our founder and CEO, Khaleelah Jones. Khaleelah has been working in marketing for a decade. Bitten by the "startup bug", she wove her way through tech and e-commerce startups, including Living Social and Nimble Commerce, before settling at health tech startup WellTok, where she was part of a core team that closed $18m in series B funding. She has a PhD in emerging media and an MBA.

Khaleelah started Something with Words as a solo freelancer to support her as she travelled and got her degrees in her 20s. She recognized that many startups and small businesses had no integrated marketing strategy and hired freelancers with little experience in creating cohesive strategies. Worse, when the freelancers left, companies couldn’t pick up the pieces and build off of what had been done in the past.

Khaleelah leads every account that Something with Words takes on. In some cases, she will then bring on partners for web design or branding, or hand off aspects of the work to part-time staff she employs to assist with implementation and analytical insights. All the while, she creates an organizational foundation so when companies scale to hire a marketeer full-time, or bring on a bigger agency, there are processes and strategies in place to build off of.

To keep up in today's digital world, all companies need a marketing strategy. Don't cut corners at the sacrifice of your own business. Cut costs by hiring Something with Words.


  • Percentage of companies that engage in marketing but have no defined strategy

  • Percentage of companies that have a strategy around paid, owned and earned media

  • Percentage of companies that separate out digital and traditional marketing strategies

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