Help! I’m Becoming My Mother!

I still have to pinch myself sometimes. I really can’t believe I’m here in Europe. I worked for SO long to make this trip a reality, and did SO much to prepare, that I almost feel as if I’m still in prep mode and haven’t  accustomed myself to the idea that I’ve DONE it, I’ve made it happen.So you’d think I’d be worried about acclimating to this new lifestyle- reaping the benefits of my hard work, rather than working to reap the benefits later, that is- yet here I am in PARIS, and guess what I’m actually worried about!?

The first Parisian department store EVER.
Although I can’t afford one stitch of clothing here,
I DID visit the adjacent food shop, La Grande Epicerie,
and had the FIRST macaroon of my life.
Becoming my mother.
My mother is THE most awesome person I know, so it wouldn’t be bad if I became her spitting image- just lame, considering she’s over 50 and I’m under 25.
You see, when I was a kid and we went to interesting places where I would have liked to try the hot dogs and/or played in the parks, my mother instead chose to drag me to every cathedral and museum in sight. Now it seems that I have become my mother and enjoy putzing around the many gardens, museums and cathedrals Paris has to offer- but wait!
I’m not TOTALLY old (and/or lame) yet.
A beautiful view of Notre Dame, which I finally
had the patience to wait in line and tour the
other day.
Sorry that the quality didn’t come out better,
I was a little rushed considering that EVERYONE
and their mother decides that this is the
ONLY reason to come to the Louvre.
To jazz things up, I add in the occasional cemetery, grand magasin and cafe, as I am in Paris….
One thing I have been disgracefully derelict about is eating at restaurants. I’m so interested in touring things every day that I end up buying lots of pastries at the local boulanger, and have only been out once, to Le Coude Fou, which is right off the rue de Rivoli and has SPECTACULAR smoked salmon and wine.
I’ll focus on that this week with my exciting guests, as eating alone is really rather awkward.


More pictures of the beautiful Louvre
 (sorry, they wouldn’t let me take pictures at the Musee d’Orsay)…






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