Visitors with Baby Bottles

Guess where Miss V and I are?


A ceiling at Versailles- I want to live here (minus
the tourists).

This week has been crazy busy with visitors. I’m so glad- I started to go a little stir crazy by myself.

Sweaty me in the Hall of Mirrors.
I have realized that I am the type of person who really thrives off of other people. Whether it’s a simple smile or in-depth conversation, I really depend on interaction with others to feel like my day has been worth something.
I hope this doesn’t make me co-dependent.
Hall of Mirrors
Garden at Versailles
With my future roomie and a wonderful friend we met on the wrong train to Versailles, I was able to explore the city of Paris, have a lovely night drinking wine out of baby bottles and other crazy shananegans. Then, with my lovely uncle and cousin, I was able to see the Eiffel Tower lit up in true glory at night and eat the best (literally, BEST!) ice cream in the WORLD at the Berthillon.
Kim, V and I at Versailles.
Sights Seen:
–      Versailles
–       Top of the city from the Eiffel Tower
–       Eiffel Tower Light Show
–       Berthillon
–    Les Refuges des Fondues
Culture Shocks:
Why do men think it’s okay to follow you down the street and then, when you are not at all interested, think it’s okay to bring up their prior come-on later? In no other place would this be acceptable, but I guess anything goes in Paris…
Money Spent:

Being a permanent resident of the EU under the age of 26 enabled me to access all museums for free and see many attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, at half price or less.  Yee haw, I say!

Les Refuges des Fondues= fun night
of debauchery out on the town!


Guess what!


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