Quelle Horreur

This could happen to anyone, anywhere. However, it happened to Hannah and me. In London.

Think of the fact that this could happen to you before you make a judgment.

As an aside, I think this story merits urban legend status.


Last week my friend Hannah and I were walking down one of the streets near my house when we noticed a cute jumper (English for sweater) in a shop front. As we stood outside wondering whether we should go in to inspect it more closely, we realized that it wasn’t immediately apparent where the door was located.

“Where’s the door?” I asked her out loud.

This question seemed to attract the attention of a few people standing in the doorway of the convenience store next to us; they all started snickering and muttering about dumb Americans.

I then saw a red door immediately adjacent to the shop front and, without thinking about it, opened it.

The interior looked completely different than the shop.

“This looks really different than the shop,” I informed Hannah, turning around to look at her.

When I turned back around to enter, a woman is standing in the doorway with her dog.

“This is my home,” she said angrily.

Hannah and I stared at each other with a mix of embarrassment and horror. We then turned and ran away as the group in front of the convenience store laughed harder than I’ve seen people laugh in a really long time.

The end.

Don’t worry, we weren’t dressed like this when this happened !