Go Ahead, Make My Day

Hoorah for finally seeing my first Clint Eastwood movie, Sudden Impact.

 It clearly has had an impact on me, as I keep insisting on going around using strange phrases in a husky voice whilst deluding myself into thinking I’m a totally badass.

 Wait…maybe it’s not such a delusion.

At the super successful Hatchet Job of the Year Award ceremony on February 7, I was one of the two highly-lauded door bitches (in the words of the Independent, not me!) that struck fear into the hearts and minds of every attendee. *Drop*

This month has certainly been one of change as I have transitioned from socially awkward wallflower to beefy bouncer badass; I’ve said goodbye to close friends leaving for their homelands; had a visit from my absolutely lovely and completely crazy mother; gone to Edinburgh, pronounced, for you Americans, similarly to “eggs and butter”; found out that John Friend is an utter miscreant (look out for my scathing commentary on THAT in Yoga Journal next month); discovered that I CAN and probably WILL do my PhD in London; and finally, have been contacted by a literary agent about my NaNoWriMo book. 

Exciting times abound.

We’ll miss you Nicole!
A view from the London Eye (finally doing a bit of touristing!)
Edinburgh by night

LOVE Edinburgh!

‘Mum’ and I at high tea!

Hannah and moi at a Superbowl party in London. Yes, we had one here. (Sadly sans commercials.)