Accentuate the Positive

Now that going back to the States next month is looking unlikely, I have to face the fact that all the things I’ve been looking forward to for MONTHS, such as huge portion sizes, TWPs, doughnuts, real Rap music, wine and fries at Jonesy’s, brunch at Jelly, burning my skin off at the beach, quality yoga, Wokano, cupcakes with actual frosting, Hanky Pankys, Cinnamon Bun French Toast with REAL syrup, cookie dough and being able to compliment random people on the street without being sized up suspiciously is not. going. to. happen.

Le sigh.

i.e., ATM

Instead of stewing in pain and misery over the things I am going to miss, I’ve decided to accentuate the positive, as the poster in my third grade classroom inspired us to do because, you know, being a third grader is rough. SO, instead of continuing my heavily food-related list of things I’m going to miss back home, I’ve decided to list all of the crazy things I’ve discovered here that I wouldn’t be able to get back home and would most likely miss if separated for too very long.

1- Jammy Dodgers, little jam-filled cookies (errr, biscuits) that contain everything that could possibly be bad for you. Hence why I love them and could probably go through a pack a day. 

2- Erroneously spelled words and strange phrases, such as “kerb” and “fly tipping.” How can you have a bad day when there are official signs all over the place that misspell even the simplest of words?! Not possible.

Meaning, no peeing in the street

3- Raccoons, skunks and owls confined to the zoo, rather than roaming the streets. Not only is it nice to not have to worry about having trash strewn around the street by a stupid raccoon or being sprayed by an annoyed skunk, its really amusing to see people get EXCITED over these pests. I’ll admit, it’s kind of sad about the owls, though.

4- Having awkward encounters on the street with complete strangers as we both try to dodge one another and we both go in the same direction, making for an odd-looking little dance until one of us just stands still and let’s the other pass. I always used to say, “I’m sorry,” until I was called a bloody Yank. Is it that obvious?

KERB!? Do you mean CURB!?

5- Hot water bottles are actually kind of cool. I’m not sure how many people under the age of 75 in the States know what one is, and it is a real shame. I’m going to start a trend when I got back and insist we stop using central heating in lieu of these babies.