Montreal: Day 1

Spent the last few days traveling out to the East Coast. So green, but not too spring-like as of yet. After landing in Boston and spending the night with Lucy and Hannah, we jumped in the car and took a road trip through Vermont, stopping to see my family in Burlington, to Montreal, Canada.

was a pretty long trip (about 8 hours- because I got us lost in NH),
but we had so much fun! We saw some beautiful sights on the way up,
including mountains and moose crossings (no actual moose, sadly), and we
practiced our French to prepare for Quebec.

 I always say in Colorado that East Coast mountains are just so much prettier, and now I have visual confirmation. Even though it is still pretty wintry up here, there’s so much potential for green- lots o’ trees and grass.

 After finding our way to Burlington, we stopped at the Farmhouse Tap and Grill, which features my uncle’s Nitty Gritty Grain Co. products. While I was ecstatic to try some recipes that feature this great grain, I was more excited to see my family.

 I was especially
honored because my Uncle Tom, the founder of Nitty Gritty, is so busy
working that he rarely ventures from his farm. But he took the time out
to come and see me and meet my friends.

After lunch we
walked around downtown Burlington and took in some of the local sights-
including a man in a mask playing a digereedoo and giving a puppet show
with his ankles.

 When we got to the hotel, we had a little party, not only because we actually found it, but because it is suuuuuuper swish!

 We walked around the city, but mostly were in search for a fun bar. Since our hotel is in Vieux Montreal, we had lots of luck.

Happy we were able to get around the city before we parked ourselves for a fun evening of cocktails.

Looking forward to another exciting day around the city with the girls!


  1. Anonymous

    Some really cool photos.

    Montreal is possibly one of the best cities in Canada, it has lots of historical buildings.

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