24 Hours in Vegas

Key ingredients for a smashing girls weekend in Vegas:

1) Good music
2) Cute outfits
3) Unlimited fountains of wine
4) $1.50 total in winnings from gambling
5) Heat!

Since all the above items were doubly checked, I’d say my 24 hours in Vegas were jam packed with fun (and yes, excuse the rhyming, lots o’ sun). 

K. and I left LA at a reasonable hour and drove through the desert. It was so pretty that I took more pictures of the drive from LA to Vegas than I think I did of our adventures out on the town. Don’t worry though, I won’t bore you with all of them.

We arrived in Vegas around 4 and pushed through our amusement park-like hotel, making a beeline for the pool to spend the last few hours in the sunshine. I was more overwhelmed than I have been in a while- there was rap music and Skrillex pouring out of different speakers, and about a million (or so it seemed) people milling through the pool area between the casinos in our hotel. 

After the pool, we grabbed drinks at Margaritaville (thanks Jimmy B.!), where the bartenders were juggling bottles of liquor effortlessly. I wish I had those skills!

After we got our drinks, we headed out to the Strip, where we wandered until we found the mall, which had a Nordstrom and a TopShop, my ALL TIME FAVORITE stores. I was amazed at the liquor laws in Vegas; you can bring open containers of alcohol anywhere in the city, including Nordstrom!
On our walk back we enjoyed a gorgeous desert sunset.
Then we went to Battista’s Hole in the Wall, an Italian restaurant right behind our hotel with unlimited free wine. The food was actually pretty good, but the wine was even better!
We rounded off the evening wandering through the different hotel casinos. Although the array of slot machines were very, very clever, it became readily apparent to both of us that we don’t know how to gamble. I gave up after one game of Roulette. I only won $1.50. 

The next morning after finding some Dunkin Donuts, something neither of us have enjoyed for sometime (there are none in LA or Denver!!!!), we took the long drive back home. Again, I took more pictures of the desert and the mountains of California- I couldn’t help myself, they’re so beautiful in such different ways! We also made a pitstop to Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, California. I was clearly scared by the shop at first, as was K.

After we got back to LA, we made a pit stop at Cafe Gratitude for dinner. It was so special I’m saving it for an upcoming post in a couple of days. I will say, I saw Melanie Lynskey there, my first (and only!) star sighting this time in LA!

As it would seem, what happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas- it goes on the blog.


  1. Hilary Goudy

    Would love to go to Vegas soon, kind of hard from half a world away, but your pictures definitely make me want to go

  2. Anonymous

    I guess you had a great time on Las Vegas, it is indeed a very entertaining city.

    Those alien pictures are interesting.

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