Santorini Photo Diary

I’ve already written extensively about my holiday last year to Santorini. I returned this year because I just loved the island so, so much.

If you want itineraries for Santorini, including a hike from Oia to Fira, taking a boat tour of the volcano, seeing Akrotiri and Vourvolos, hanging out at Koloumpos or Perivolos beaches, watching the sunset at Santos, visiting Pyrgos or chilling in the Finikia settlement and seeing Oia, you’ll find guides from my time in Santorini last year super useful. I’m going to try something a little different this time, since I feel like I really went in to detailed itineraries last time: I’m going to try a photo journal! This is just a collection of beautiful photos I took from my time on the island, and a little explanation of the place the photo was taken, if you wanted to go and have a look yourself.

I think every time I go to Santorini, I’ll stay in the old Finikia Settlement. Its very close to Oia, but much less touristy. There are three amazing restaurants right within the settlement, and most places there have rooftops that have amazing views, particularly at sunset.

Oia is hands down my favorite town on the island. Its so colorful, and its view of both the ocean and the caldera is really special. I love feeling at the very top of the island (because its at the tip).

One afternoon we walked down to Amoudi to swim, which means walking down 300 stairs to get to sea level. Its quite an exercise, but well worth it. You get to pass little friends along the way, too, although you want to be careful you don’t walk too close behind them in case they kick you! (Just kidding, I don’t think they have an aggressive bone in their cute little bodies.)

After your swim, I’d highly recommend the seafood pasta at Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna, one of the small restaurants along the water.

When you’re walking around Oia, make sure to stop by Atlantis Books, a bookstore that has a selection in most European languages. I could spend a full day inside looking at all the books on offer!

As per usual, I had to get my Passagio fix. The breakfasts are a bit expensive, but they come with a main, a side and two drinks (coffee and juice), so unless you’re super starved, you probably don’t need lunch. And the view (below) is really, really worth the few extra euro you spend, especially since the breakfast is so good!

This is Vourvolos Beach at around 5pm. Its 10 euros per day for the beach chairs, unless you arrive after 5pm, in which case, they are free.

Before 5pm, if you’re around Vourvolos, check out the Tomato Museum, which is pretty interesting and is all about, well, you probably guessed, the tradition of tomatoes on the island.

If you’re in Fira, try Cafe Irini, which has a beautiful view of the caldera and a lovely watermelon juice!

The Red Beach takes a bit of a hike to access, but once you get there, the view is well worth it. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for sunbathing, though, since the beach itself is about 5 meters wide.

If you’re in Oia and you want to see the sunset, go to the public pool, Lioyerma, a few hours early, grab a bottle of wine and enjoy the sunbathing (without the throngs of tourists at the beach) until about 7pm. You’ll find that the place has filled up with people and you have a prime view of the sunset from pretty much the best viewpoint on the island, with probably the best seats in the house, and a tan to boot.


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