FMI Airlines Review

After flying Air KBZ three times, FMI Air was a thrilling breath of fresh air. I’m not sure why, but this company was far and above better than Air KBZ, and included access to an airport lounge flying out of Thandwe (Ngapali Beach). I enjoyed a coffee and a very delicious chocolate chip cookie while waiting for the flight.

The lounge even had access to a really nice patio area where you could see the ocean and watch planes take off and land. (The airport isn’t very busy, but the runway is seriously about 10 feet from you, so its pretty cool.)

We were thrilled to see that the plane was fairly new, although just as small as Air KBZ planes, and had tons of legroom.

The snacks were another cut above the Air KBZ ones, although I’m still hung up on the concept of a snack for just 45 minutes of airtime in general. So cool!

If you can swing it, try to book as many FMI (or at least flights operated by FMI) flights as you can when in Myanmar, it really is a cut above the rest!