Jade Marina Resort and Spa, Ngapali Beach, Myanmar Review

Of all the places we stayed in Myanmar, Jade Marina was my favorite.

The customer service was actually the worst, mostly because most of the hotel staff spoke English with a really strong accent, making them difficult to understand, but that didn’t bother me. The rooms were enormous, the beds super comfy and the resort just so so beautiful.

Most of the resort are villas that families and older couples seemed to have rented out, but there are a handful of buildings that have hotel rooms. We stayed in one of the hotel rooms, just a few steps from the beach. (About 15, to be exact.)

The room itself, as stated, was very big, although kind of oddly laid out. I’m unsure why we needed a huge king size bed and then another double bed. Surely the space would be better suited for a sitting area or something similar? Anyway, it was nice to spread out after a dirty hotel in Bagan and wearing all our clothes to layer up in Inle Lake.

The bathroom was fairly standard, although nicely decorated, and had a shower rather than a bathtub. The amenities were a little weird, those communal ones that they just refill after each stay, so I’d recommend bringing your own.

15 steps from the room was the beach, which was beautiful, and not very busy. The hotel provides towels so you just need to grab one and claim and sun lounger.

The pool and bar are just behind the hotel’s private beach. Every day from 5-7pm the hotel does happy hour with half priced cocktails. Its a nice place to watch the sunset.

In the morning, the area is converted to a breakfast buffet. There were a ton of Asian and European options, as well as an omelette bar, but the best part is the view you get to enjoy over your breakfast!

The hotel grounds have some cool things hidden in the corners, like thanaka that guests can try out. I was never very sure how to get the powder from the bark so I didn’t try myself, but its cool that its on offer for sure.

I also liked that Jade Marina was fairly close to really good restaurants, including a long line of options right on the beach. I’d definitely recommend staying here if you’re ever in Ngapali!